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Once people started pointing out the similarities between the words "MooLatte" and "mulatto," the public started wondering whether or not DQ had thought out the consequences of their name. According to Slate , the term β€” which refers to the child of a biracial couple β€” is derived from the Spanish for "mule", and it's one of those words that's sort of fallen by the wayside as far as racial slurs. But reviving it definitely wasn't seen as the right thing to do, and when the Houston Free Press via Slate quizzed DQ spokesman Chad Durasa on whether or not a few other racially-charged names would be appropriate for their products, he didn't seem to acknowledge he saw anything wrong with the words.

It's not clear what wires got crossed, but MooLatte stayed and the controversy faded into the background β€” gone, but not entirely forgotten. No one's expecting something healthy when they head to DQ for dessert, but it's still shocking just how bad some of their dessert items really are.

Secrets Dairy Queen doesn't want you to know

Check out their nutritional information and you'll find there are some decent items like their fruit smoothies , but even picking up a medium Blizzard is likely to set you back between 20 and 30 grams of fat and around grams of sugar. To put that in perspective, the American Heart Association recommends maxing daily sugar intake at 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Go for a large Blizzard, and you might be looking at up to , , and even grams of sugar. Add an extra topping or two, and you're talking hundreds of additional calories. A guilty pleasure, indeed! If you've ever wondered what makes DQ's grill items taste so good, it's all the calories and fat. A side of chili cheese fries will set you back 51 grams of fat and 1, calories, while that deluxe hamburger is a still-impressive 21 grams of fat and calories. Ever stop there for a breakfast treat? Those biscuits and gravy are going to leave you feeling miserable for the rest of the day, because you just packed away 46 grams of fat and calories.

It's not really ice cream

Is there any good news? Not much, but if you must go, go for a bowl of chili, or the BBQ beef or pork sandwiches. Your heart will thank you for it. It's no secret there are some mysterious ingredients in a lot of the foods we eat, and in , Boston. While milkfat and nonfat milk top the list, there are also things like carrageenan and guar gum there, along with artificial flavor.

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That's a term clinical registered dietitian Alicia Romano of Tufts Medical Center says always gives her pause, because it's not clear just what they're talking about. Carrageenan is also a little iffy, and while it's both considered safe and commonly used, Prevention says it's also been linked to gut irritation and other digestive issues. If you feel cruddy after hitting DQ, this could be why. Prevention also says it's used to make lots of low-fat foods creamier and thicker, and while there's no concrete evidence linking it to things like cancer, you should know there's ongoing research into exactly that.

And while guar gum is safe in small amounts via LiveScience , it's also used in hydrofracking.

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That means the price of it has skyrocketed, and we all know what rising costs mean for the consumer. Of all the franchises you might consider buying into, DQ seems like it might be the most fun. That's just on the surface, though, and in DQ corporate got into a major disagreement with some of their franchisees.

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According to the Los Angeles Times , franchisees across 10 states got together to sue DQ for their unreasonable demands. The suit said DQ was threatening franchisees with an insane ultimatum: Given some stores had already failed and closed, it wasn't a risk franchisees felt they should be forced to take.

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Franchise Times says the suit was ultimately dismissed because the parties had come to various stages of resolution, but it was a serious eye-opener as to what goes on behind the DQ curtain. After you have a DQ ice cream cake, it's tough to justify a plain old birthday cake again.

Dairy Queen

They're expensive, sure, but it's a special thing, right? One thing DQ definitely doesn't want you to know is just how easy it is to make your own with whatever types of ice cream you want. According to the Brown Eyed Baker , it's just a matter of getting the ice cream to the right consistency before spooning it into a cake pan, and you're going for slightly soft.

And every summer, demand for the frosty, frozen dessert skyrockets. He also named July National Ice Cream month. Cold Stone is offer a sweet deal for National Ice Cream Day β€”and for any day consumers crave a cup or cone fresh off that marble mixing slab: But take note, this special offer is only for July When customers download and registers with the DQ smartphone app, they get a code for one free small Blizzard. Similar to Justice, littleMissMatched, hanna.

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