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Then a pile of the Red Plum ones. Take a thick marker and write the date on the front cover of each insert. Take the stack and place into its folder.

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Place the newest stack of inserts on the top, close the folder and file them away. After about 5 months, the majority of coupons in the insert will be expired, so at that point you would take the coupons and recycle them. Then once you reach 5 mos, every week you add a new stack of inserts, you throw out a stack of old ones at the same time. Use the Misc. And that is it! It takes hardly any time at all to file away your inserts.

I cant see them! You can go to my store lists and the list will tell you what coupons you will need that week and what date they are at. You can make yourself a personalized shopping list by clicking on each item you would like from each store. So I will go to my file system, open it up to that date and cut out my coupons. Its so easy and saves tons of time!

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Coupon Organization-folder or binder??

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You can also subscribe without commenting. I really love your black coupon organizer with the notepad. You mentioned getting it at walmart. Do you happen to know the name of the product?

I would like to find one exactly like this. Thank you in advance! I found it in the office supply section, but that was well over a year ago. Any ideas would be appreciated. I love using the whole insert method. I do try to remember to clip the coupons for products I buy on a regular basis so I can carry them with me in my price book.

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But I really like the zippered organizer for the coupons that I do clip to make them easier to sort through at the store. Right now I have just two zipper pouches in my price book, one for food items and one for non food items. I used to clip all coupons that I thought that I would use and put them in a binder in baseball card sleeves.


It became a very tedious job that took way too long. I switched over to colating and stapling the inserts and filing them in my binder by date. I also put a printout that lists all of the coupons and their values of that particular insert at the front of the insert. That way I can find the coupon that I want quickly and it only takes a minute to clip if I find a deal at the store that I was not planning on.

I have the same set up as Deanna! I have been couponing for about 3 years and have found it to be the most efficient! I know you could cut them out yourself but yo Coupon Organizer. Bazic 13 Pocket Check Size. Poly Expandable File Check Size. Get Them Now Limited Supplies. This organizer features 13 pockets and a flap with e Expandable Coupon Organizer.

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