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He suggested that the dealer has simply forgot to reset the service indicator when the oil was last changed. We accepted his informed advice and agreed no oil service was required at this time. He then "topped off" the oil level and the windshield washer fluid and sent us on our way refusing to accept payment for his efforts. This type of service and approach to customer service should be appreciated by more local customers.

Make a point of having your oil changed there. Well done, quickly. I resent the "tip" section on their debit machine. Service is amazing here and the oil change is so fast. They are very thorough with thier oil changes. Great service and extremely thorough. Usually I'm skeptical of the knowledge of quick oil change employees. Not here. Wayne was outstanding. Changed the oil, checked our brakes, replaced the pads that were wornout, fixed a rattling skid plate and was super friendly.

Give that man a raise. Awesome service from Chris! Friendly, welcoming, pleasant and finished oil and transmission fluid change in under 10 min. Hi there, I just want to let you know that as of today I will never return to any of your locations not will I ever recommend your stores to anyone ever, I am from out of town, I have a new vehicle to me , and I am a woman I however I am pretty vehicle savvy and probably would have done my own oil but was not at home I got a bit nervous but was told many years ago to never have the fluid flushed so I didn't I did go back to where I was staying and check it for myself Nope not at all!

It's sickening to me that these guys are allowed to get away with this! Thank you for the oil change and car wash but I will never be back! Just had my oil changed here, they were all very helpful and knowledgeable, especially Cory. Best change i've had in over 10 year!! Staff doesn't know where the website is,and I asked about oil change coupon,they said it is on the website,but have no idea how to find it ,strange yea.

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I would give a 5 star review but the mechanics who worked on my car didn't put the cap on my brake fluid which resulted in it spraying all over the top of my front hood. Didn't find this out until a month and a bit after the oil change. I'm glad I found this before the brakes cut out while driving. I choose this place over the dealership any day.

They are fast, keep excellent records, bring you coffee or iced tea and they know what they are doing. Great service every time. I service both vehicles here and am always impressed with their knowledge, they know what they've done to your car before and make suggestions for what to consider next! Ask about our Ambassador Club Membership. We offer discounts on our oil change packages, services, wiper blades and even offer free car washes. Get your vehicle ready for the hot summer.

Come see the crew down at the shop. Open 8am - 8pm weekdays, 8am - 6pm Saturdays, and 9am - 5pm Sundays. I checked after I got home and discovered the grease nipples were dirty and obviously had not had any grease. This greasing is supposed to be part of their service and your steering components will fail or wear out quicker if they are not greased. Do not take your vehicle in unless you are prepared to check it after. I have tried every lube shop in this town. The staff there has always treated me and my wife very well.

Their service is 2nd to none. The prices are always fair. They even do tire changes! I would recommend them, and only them to everybody. Don't appreciate their staff texting my wife on her cell phone. Getting her number off their computer to ask how their service went and then calling her beautiful. Wrong use of personal information and company computers. Was contacted by the manager. It shows he took time from his day to address this problem. Have not heard back to see how this problem has been resolved. Service was quick, professional, friendly.

The facility was clean and inviting. I pulled up, told them what I wanted, they offered extra services which I declined without hassle. They pointed out a few potential problems on my vehicle. I was offered an iced tea while my car was serviced. I enjoyed being able to see the work being done via camera. The communication between employees was excellent and also helped me to have confidence in their service.

I would recommend this location!

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Fleeing from fort mcmurray wildfires we pulled in for a oil and filter change, after complete the truck wouldnt start. We were presented with a bill of zero. Turned out it was a transmission fuse casing it not to start, just a random burn out obviously. My extreme thanks goes out to the great canadian oil change. Will change oil here each time we visit our good friends here from now on whether we need it or not thanks guys.

Almost made me cry. Thank you so much!!!! You go into a shop expecting men to think you know less, but never expecting them to so blatantly puke ignorance and sexism onto you like this guy. Went in with my husband to get the oil changed in my car. At the end, he said to get out of the car to show us something under the hood.

But as I got out of my car, he was surprised and said "Oh I wasn't talking to you, I just meant your husband. I don't think you'll understand what I'm saying.

Keeping your vehicle clean and safe.

He ignored me, bent over in front of me, blocking me while he showed my husband that my alternator belt was starting to crack and should be replaced soon. Yep, if only I had a penis so I could understand that! After, he continued to talk through me to my husband about other fluids in my car that should be flushed.

Then as we were about to leave, he brought up when he laughed at me when I got out of my car and I thought he was going to apologize. But no, he continued being completely offensive to me Long story, but this ignorant employee ruined my day. I guess we only write reviews for the most part because we had a bad experience. How it was resolved would be rated a 5 out of 5. I just want to say thanks to the owner of this store, as when i called after having a problem with a fuel filter change, they were very eager to make it right.

I was never made feel it was my fault or problem. No pass the buck.

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Happy Willow Grove customer! Was in and out within 20 minutes. Exceptional service, very informative but not pushy. Worst experience ever. I went a few months ago and they did a quick oil change but didn't check anything else. I wrote the manager and I didn't even get an apology. Against my best judgement I figured I would give them one more chance since I was in a hurry and it was not busy now I know why. The technician didn't do anything unless I asked him to.

I had to request him to check the tire pressure and he reported back that one of my tires was low and I had to request him to fill it. I mentioned I was going on a road trip so I would like my fluids checked and low and behold as soon as I leave the city I run out of washer fluid. Again, I emailed the manager and got no response. Worst oil change shop in the city and I won't be returning or recommending. Great job guys! Very professional and speedy. Have no dought you did it right as I got to watch the whole prosess.

Just awesome!!!! I have frequented this particular franchise twice and the service is top notch!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, working efficient and providing good service. I would definitely do my next service with them. By far the best oil change in Cranbrook.

Great customer service and short wait time! I love how fast and friendly the service is. They let me know what needs to be repaired on my car in the future and are never pushy. I would recommend them to anyone. Real happy. I've had my oil changes done there before yes they're young but they know what they're doing.

I've had no problems. What's more is I brought my car in with the belly pan broken and hanging down dragging on the ground from getting stuck in frozen snow the day before and asked them if they could take off what was left of the belly pan as I could not get underneath and had to drive 2 hours that day. My car was too low and I didn't have a good jack or any blocks. They gladly removed the broken belly pan for me very promptly and didn't charge me for it at all. Tried to sell me a transmission flush that was positively NOT needed.

Will not return - too many other choices available. This place is amazing, I would recommend it to anybody. If you're worried about safety, put your mind at ease, they take your keys away from you while they give you your oil change. Peace of mind. As every Canadian knows our dollar is worth less each day in the world market due to the drop in oil price!! Yet the past five visits over the past year has seen the cost of a oil change go up more and more every visit, I can't help but see my self and every other driver going to The Great Canadian oil change as being gouged!!

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  6. Very polite crew, knowledgable and even had treats for the dog. Price was good and turn-around time was less than 10 minutes. Knowable, professional staff. They provide complementary drinks while you wait and take the time to talk to you throughout the process. They do a 15 point check and record the notes on the receipt. These idiots poured normal water in my washer fluid when doing oil change, and now it's frozen in winter.

    Why do they try to do what is not asked for? Just had an oil change done here. They seem very knowledgeable and helpful. Loved the service here. They didn't have my filter as it was specialty but they ordered and made an appointment for me. Repeat customer.

    Great Canadian Oil Change

    I for one have never enjoyed sitting around waiting for someone to service my car until we began getting our oil changed at Great Canadian Oil Change. Our vehicle is an older model and we want it to keep it as long as possible. Jerry has given us advice on our transmission and has let us know when we were about to experience other problems. When we took our vehicle to our mechanic he was able to verify the problem and we had our car serviced just in time. Since then my husband and I have both recommended people take their vehicle there.

    We have found the service to be excellent and the staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Best oil change shop in town folks!. The guys on ware street are very friendly and honest too. I always get my grandparents to go there and they love these guys. Great place to get your transmission or coolant serviced and very responsible with customers cars and warranties. Highly recommended!!!!! The guys here are friendly for sure. I give them that.

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    They are terrible with proper oil amounts. The guys claimed they didn't know what the issue is. Thankfully I trusted my own knowledge, and double checked with my diesel mechanic father and my partner. It needed MORE oil. We will not be returning to this place I'm sorry to say. Then put the right amount in it You guys can cause a lot of issues for someone who may not have knowledgeable friends and family to help them with their vehicles.

    Driving low like that between oil changes is ridiculous And they use valvoline, which is the worst to use on my car. One of the worst. Always have excellent service with this business. Quick and tidy, honest service. Terrible and rude! I was a client for years but I won't go again. I was disrespected and my aunt was and also my father. I have been there many times.

    We also have special packages for the new Jeep diesels and Sprinter Vans that use Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. Hybrids also require oil changes for their gasoline engines and we can look after that for you if you drive a Hybrid. That when visiting our facility you will receive thorough high quality service and we will work hard to exceed your expectations That visiting our stores will be a consistently polite, courteous and friendly experience.

    That you and your fellow travelers will be offered a coffee or bottle of water, while you wait in your car. That we will always work to protect our environment. That we will sell you only what your car needs. That we will only offer warranty approved products for your car. That we will stand steadfast to our philosophy of Price and Quality Leadership. Support grads and build team pride with these oversized head cutouts, customizable with your own photo. View Deal. My Sky Moment Kitsilano.

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