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Join Facebook to connect with Valerie Tessier and others you may know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Pumpkin patch usa coupon code Coupon preview march Hardees coupons feb Bsnl 3g internet recharge coupons. Now Marcus just called to tell me they checked all of my brakes and I just needed a brake fluid top up. And the good news is that there is no charge!!!!! I am so incredibly impressed.

I highly recommend the whitby north Canadian Tire at Garden and Taunton. They have always been fantastic with my car. I had an issue where they created a problem, and they took ownership of the issue, and took steps to rectify. This was the vehicle service department. Very good service and respect the appointment, quality of job, friendly, job always well done.

Thanks very much for your help. One guy said he will have someone see me in two minutes.

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The guy that came out two minutes said someone else will see me. Both refused to ask what I wanted. They guy I finally talked to then said to go over to the side and ask them. I waited a few more minutes because this girl was too busy making notes to lift her head to ask me what I wanted. Another employee offered to help with the assumption I was someone else. He basically handed me someone else's keys.

I should have taken them but u know how that would have ended. Finally got through and they tell me that they are not able to assist me in 2 seconds for the 15 minutes I waited. The absolute worst customer service I have ever received in my life. I would never go back to their auto centre again. I only rated one star as this was the only option to make a comment. But zero would be more fitting.

Very disappointed in the automotive department. They lost my wheel lock, giving me the runaround and not providing the requested tire rotation. Make sure you get your wheel lock back before leaving their store after tire servicing. They had a number of locks left by others. It is a "below average" Canadian Tire store. Many things are missing, have to go to Oshawa store or Whitby South store to get what you are usually looking when it on sale or found online.

Old lady in returns is really intimidating, have to pass her look at you for few seconds when returning badly made things sold at Canadian Tire. But overall is ok to get things for your household as it is close to home. Auto repair department is ok for small repairs like tire change or oil change. I have been to canadian tires across Canada. I bought wipers and one flew off on I had thrown out the package.

I bought it two days before. So if I brought an empty package I could not be lying then? Felt ripped off and treated like a lying criminal. After needing a new wiper since I was not going to pick it up on the , some came over and asked me to come to front desk with my bag as they were concerned about theft. I would vote this the worst canadian tire in Canada. I have never been treated so poorly, ever. They even asked manager and manager said no.

Terrible, avoid this place, they do not deserve business. Worst canadian tire store I will probably not go back to canadian tire because of this experience. The people at automotive service dont actually know what is a car and they are sitting at the desk. I got my tyres switched and they just kept one even the store was open the manager wasnt able to give it back to me. I live in brampton was just driving by this store I thought every canadian tire store is the same but I was wrong.

Now I have to drive to whitby just to get back what is actually mine. I took my skates into this store to get sharpened on the weekend. They called over a high school student who I'm not sure if she knew how skates are supposed to be sharpened or what. Needless to say the sound coming off the "Automatic" skate sharpening machine was horrendous. The fact that the employee didn't know how to even dress the wheel is embarrassing especially for a Canadian sporting goods store. When I tested them out both skates didn't have an edges.

Way to save a few bucks Canadian tire. Manque de personnel en magasin. Love the store, good discounts on stuff and very sympathetic employees from experience. However I personally don't trust their garage since I Sent my car in, and they told me my engine had a Crack and that I would have to replace it, and when I came to check nothing was wrong, so beware what they say and make sure by yourself if you can! It's not the largest of Canadian Tire's but still good. They regularly have good sales. Awful service takes forever and unfriendly service. I ordered a simple gasket and they gave me the wrong one and would not even let me return it.

HAHA Watch what you buy here most of it will fail or be junk shortly after you buy it. Very accommodating to slide me in during a very busy day and everyone did a very good job. Made an online order for pickup which you receive an email once they have picked the items and put them aside for the sale. I was coming from Red Deer to grab some items they had in stock as the Red Deer stores were all out of inventory for my items.

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After receiving the notification email that my order was ready I drove down to find out that the store manager Barry had removed items from the order by scratching them out on the receipt, essentially I drove in from Red Deer to pickup half of an order that was completely useless without the items I needed. He had refused to admit his mistake and even tried to push me to accept the rest of the order which was useless without the missing key item.

I spent nearly an hour in the store waiting for him to sort out the paper work mess. All in all I spent 2 and half hours of my day to return an order I never even received. Lesson learned, dont trust Canadian Tire online ordering in store pickup. I waited on the phone for twenty minutes to see if what I wanted was in stock.

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Talked to three people and not one could even go look. Spoke to the manager who doesn't care the least about customer service. Not bad enough this was the second time I have been through this as I tried to buy several items in the summer for my yard and was given the run around yet again. Again tried to speak to the manager. Big waste of time. I've learned my lesson I will take my business to Airdrie or Calgary.

I got told by many people not to go there but as usual I like to give people the benefit of doubt. Well I can now say for myself don't go there, the worst service ever. I made an appointment to get the wheels on my car aligned at 3: I told the guy that I need to go to work so I need my vehicle back.

So to make the story short I asked to speak with the manager who happen to be the most useless arrogant prick I've ever seen, he told me that if I want to have my vehicle serviced first I should came at 8: So what's the point of calling to make an appointment. My recommendation to anyone, save yourself a bad moment and go somewhere else.

Absolutely the worst management and customer service EVER!! We purchased a fireplace set and when we opened the box the rack was bent. Took it back to exchange for one that wasn't damaged and was treated very poorly by the "managers" on duty. I left the store super annoyed with my damaged item. I phoned later to try to reason with them, the woman was bent on not making things right so I mentioned how bad their customer service reviews are on the web.

Her reply was "Oh really? Yep, she hung up on me!!! Weird behaviour in a small town business. Its a great store to get tools and auto parts. The next "Cattle Chute" checkout system may be faster but everyone hates it!! Great store for sporting goods in the valley. Purchase of this item could expose you to criminal prosecution, right or wrong. Very large gas station large enough for U-haul trucks. Open early in the morning, and well-stocked with groceries, coffee, and other stuffs. Very clean, and friendly service.

The new owner seems motivated on providing solid customer service. Looking forward to the outcome of store's renovations. A little small compared to other Canadian Tire stores, but does the trick! Tire and a lot to do that for on this one has to go our With a few years back Canadian Tire a Not a bad will be in the posited. Great service from service manager Ian and his staff.

They bent over backwards to help me as I was stranded because of a breakdown of my vehicle. I had bought 2 MasterCraft skill saws at the same time one for me and one for a Christimas Gift - One did not work at all when it was tried only the laser on it lit up The Second Skill Saw worked for about 10 min. One skill saw was exchanged for another one- the same thing again. I had bought a Mig Welder Mastercraft shortly after- the wire feed was messed up- I sent it away to be repaired- Under Warranty When it was returned- several things on it was damaged.

I did not bother to notify the store. I'm just tired of dealing with a store that has little regard for their customers- and low regard for products they sell. I tried to return it within a week for a refund- but they would not refund my money- Only offered to send it away for repair- and I was told I might be charged a fee. Or I could exchange it for another which I did- but was not satisfied with the solution I then got a call from the store asking about the service- which they called my cell phone, and would not return the call to my home phone when I requested it- to discuss the situation.

A person would be better off not buying some things from Canadian Tire- Because the cost of gas to go buy it --and cost of gas to return it for repair --and cost of gas to pick it up again-- might be more than what the item is actually worth. So got a rain check and waited after two weeks checked inventory two in stock so I drive 45 min to get there the two in stock are the demo and one that they can't find so back home 45min.

That week my wife is there and checks they found one but it is paid in full so cant have it. So the clerk says that I should call and make sure my name is one it next time they call. Got to say really dissapointed with the service. The sale price is now going to be more than full price when I add the extra trips. If I could rate it no star I would. Last evening on the 4th of Aug a long time employee of the Canadian Tire Store in Yarmouth did a very nice favor for a man in need of air for his motorcycle tire that had gone flat in the parking lot.

After the owner managed to plug the tire with a kit that he bought inside the store he had no way to fill the tire. As it happened, Curtis was off duty and in the store and offered to open the bay and fill the tire for the motorcycle owner. I was impressed with this act of good will.

Even though Curtis got thanked for his great customer service by the motorcycle owner who by the way lives out of town but is working temporarily at the YRHC, I would like also publicly thank him for the assistance that he so willingly provided. It speaks well for our community and in particular our local CTC staff. Worst customer service I've ever experienced I will make my purchases elsewhere. Very very bad and poor service Hope canadian tire authority will do something about it One of the worst kept Canadian Tire store in Montreal.

It's dirty and uncleaned. Staff is difficult to find and often wouldn't be able to help you. Lights are dimmed in the store. It looks like a dirty warehouse. Go find another Canadian Tire store near you. I don't see how this place is still open! Asked them to copy a key in the morning, they didn't copy it properly. Lady says "ya ya". The other day, a cashier had a sign with "next cash please" but she was still passing clients, so I asked her nicely if she's still open. She gestures towards the client paying before me and says "you don't see I'm open?

Took the car for a change of wheels and found next time this one for an oil change that the wheel drive bolt on the replaced wheel was missing. I find mechanics staff at this Canadian Tire very unreliable. I am not planning to take my car there ever again. Went to the store on a mission to get one item. Asked two employees for assistance to locate said item. Both employees shrugged and said they did not know. One employee asked on the radio but no response.

I waited and went looking aisle to aisle. A waste of time. The employees did not want to give any information about their supervisors nor the owner of the store. I managed to snap a picture of the rude employees standing with their arms crossed at 8: Don't bother shopping there. I'd never read the reviews on this location but I'm not surprised. I've been there several times because it's close by.

Not exactly by choice. My "memorable" moment was when I asked for a "price match" on a product. Canadian Tire has a policy to price match so I asked for them to price match the same product at Walmart next door. Manager balked at my request as if I had created an aggressive confrontation. So I walked just outside of the store, called the store headquarters, explained my situation, headquarters apologized nicely and said they would call the manager right away.

While I was on hold they did just that and when headquarters took me off hold they said to go in and buy the product at the price I asked for. But boy was that awkward It's a bit of a thuggish store. Just know store policy and stick up for yourself. Complain to headquarters right there in the store if you need to. Headquarters was very responsive to my ordeal. Just don't be a jerk about it. Be diplomatic and kill those a holes with kindness, lol.

I've have been going there for many years ,have yet to encounter any issues with staff or items being sold. This includes the automotive department , never any issues ,employees are always and have always been helpful. I have had repairs on my truck done there many times as well ,no issues either.

I don't know what people expect when they walk into a store. In fact any of the Canadian Tire stores I've been at ,always a pleasure to shop there. I may be the only person to not have a negative experience at the automotive shop at this Canadian Tire. In fact, my experience was great. I was just leaving Montreal to head back to Moncton after a weekend conference when my Jaguar blew a coolant line. The only shop open on a Sunday afternoon was Canadian Tire and I needed to get home that night.

The manager and shop staff were incredibly helpful and pleasant. They had me back on the road by 5 p. I really feel like I need to speak up for the great job they did. I wouldn't have made it home that night without them! They don't give your money back or even store credit. If the same item is unavailable. Wish there is 0 star!!! Wow , this place is should not be called Canadian Tire! The guy told me I have to wait more than an hour.

Fine , you can go around and shop if you want but the mall is pretty run down: Next time I asked how long will it take he said "10 minutes ". Next time I asked he said "I'm next. By then I was waiting for 3 hours. He only had ONE mechanic and was still picking up work and keep all of us in waiting. He kept on whining about not having made an appointment , as if that would have made any difference.

LOL I had a minor job to be done , after I couldn't take his lies and left. I waited 3 and half hours for a job that never got done and he has a mean face anyway. I appreciate honesty and tell me if you are short of staff , but lie just because you need my business and you can only do it in your own good time. This garage need to be closed or change management but a.

Love Canadian tire stores but this shady garage , oh boy. Good luck to all! Oh and I should be able to give no stars but then you can't post. So that star is just there for technical reasons! Worst experience at this Canadian tire store. In general the customer service is great at other candian stores I've been to. Someone in the structure from above should look into this and have some of the staff changed.

They never refund any product even with the bill even after less than 30 days. The store is dirty. The staff is very very very rude. It's my second bad experience with them. I will never go back. I know many people that banned them from their lives. Go if you like disrespect as a costumer or if you enjoy shopping in the dark. Worst customer service ever! Never had an experience like this one before.

As I started shopping everything was good but when trying to pay the stuff that I wanted to buy there was an error on the price of one of the items. I noticed and told the cashier that the item was anounced at 3. Never comming back to this store again and im going to call directly to the company to make a complait about the poor service that this store has!

Do not go buy your stuff here staff is cheap and has no moral they try to take your money one way or an other! I was told to speak french when speaking english. I did speak french in the end but they should not be rude about it. The way they approach you and your bag at the door is as if youre a criminal. Rude cashier service too. I wait 30 minutes in line for my appointment and then the guy tell me I should have come in time.

I was there on time, but the slow service and the line in front of me made me late. Then he goes and tell me I have to wait until 9pm I was there at 4: That's 5 hours wait just to switch winter to summer tires on my car. I left for someone else. This Canadian tire is terrible. I was there once for some screws and the guy did not wanted to help. I was angered at the guy. Everytime I was asking him a question he was saying I don't know. The guy does not have his place there.

Another coward told me he was the manager at the auto department. I bought atf and ruined my transmission due to that guy. I can still remember how cowardly he was answering my question. The manager was rude and basically called my friend a liar for not having her receipt AND when she found it, he still would not give her a refund. This location is horrible, dirty looking! I will never return there and I suggest Walmart. The garage is good, no complaints. Very competitive, staff was always pleasant and explained things nicely to me, turnaround time is normal compared to my old garage, Nelson, where the car is left unattended for far far too long and the owner actually imitated to my face the way I spoke.

The Cdn Tire store, expect a smaller version. Staff are perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned and I always found what I needed. I wish there was 0 stars cos this is what this Canadian tire store deserves. They have the worst Manager named " Juan " or he could have lied to me i can't be sure. He and the a short guy i couldn't know his name behind the car accessories counter are by far the most unprofessional , rude , not willing to even look at you and help , people i have ever encountered.

Any one who respects himself is to stay away from this Canadian tire , and to the head office management of Canadian tire , don't you guys read your client's reviews!!! Get a lot of auto supplies and tools at this location. Very well put together store and friendly staff. Could not use the tools as they were not for the purpose and were kind of automotive tools. Went to the store next day to get the correct tools.

The cashier and the manager checked the tools and confirmed that they are not used but the manager feels that the tools are kind of oily. Manager allows me to exchange the tools with any other automatics type tools but not the kind that I want. She would not refund. I was told the GM of the store was not in. When asked about store policy, the lady Manager started talking rude and even abusive. The associates in the store apologized for her behavior and told me that she regularly behaves like that with customers.

Was able to meet GM after couple of days. I kept the tools with me and now I make sure not to visit this store again Clerk Cherry tells me oh it's Apparently in her world different sizes mean higher prices. She Cherry manually made a sticker for the higher price. The store said they couldn't help me because there was no tags and the girl gave wrong code. Now I have to drive all the way back and waste my gas on this clerks Cherry screw up. Mgnr Melissa at the store honestly couldn't care less.

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Asked for her Mgnr Matt and guess what we wasn't in. Do not shop this location, they make up their own prices and do not try to make it right when you call them on the price markup scam. Will never shop this location again. Contacted their ethics investigations department and now they can deal with them. Awesome staff and customer service. We came in because we broke down on the way to Chilliwack. They got us in right away even though they were busy. It only took 1 hr for them to get us on our way without fixing the main problem.

They helped us top up the transmission fluid, so we could get back and have someone we know do the repairs for less money. I don't like to normally go to Canadian tire because of high prices but e left feeling satisfied. Would def go back if having problems. I give them 4 out of 5 stars because of prices but that's more a head quarters thing. This store is bad, even by the already low standard set by CT as a whole. One of the worst CT stores I have ever been into. If you have no other options, then check online inventory, then get in and get out.

Why prolong the agony by browsing? No stock, flyer items always sold out, everything under lock and key and staff are slow with the keys if they even come at all before you give up and leave, suspicious staff and intimidating signage, claustrophobic aisles, shelves in disarray, previously opened boxes sold as new stock, dishonest return policy enforcement. Surrey-Newton would actually benefit if this store was converted into a smoking crater, then backfilled with dirty diapers and ground up skunk carcasses.

The store is clean, organized. I find, as with most Canadian Tire stores, if they advertise a sale item, you want to get there first thing the first day or the items are all gone. Service can be poor. There is one gentleman who was very helpful, but other than him, not so great. It's a Canadian Tire. But really what can you say about it, it's on par with every other CT.

Auto desk employees clueless? Random teenage staff that ignore you? See, it's just like every other one. So yeah, consistency for the win! I had an appointment at 10am to get 4 tires put on and a wheel alignment, dropped the car off at 10am and was told it would be hours. So I said okay forget the wheel alignment then for now. I figured I would get the car pretty soon so I walked back to Canadian Tire and asked them if it was finished, it was 1: Okay, I waited another hour, still have two tires Then it took another 20 minutes to actually get my car back.

It was such a frustrating experience, I wasted my whole day waiting around for an easy job to be done but they just weren't capable of doing it apparently. I would give half a star if I could, no, actually no stars because this was ridiculous. What else can be said but this is your typical Canadian Tire. However it is a large store with large seasonal section and well light and maintained. I have never had a bad experience nor bad experience here. I usually end up finding what I am looking for and happy to return again for repeat business.

We took an item back to return while we still had time, however they claimed they could fix it instead so we took their advice. After several weeks it was dysfunctional once again except this time it was past the time of warranty so we could not return. When we explained what had happened they refused to help so we just left our broken item there as it was no use to us.

We left without our money back and without a product, terrible trick to play on your customers! I was at this store's service dept. I needed other parts but left the store rather confused by her incompetant answers. I just called another cdn store and they were happy to tell me they can do it in 15 minutes I had an appointment at 10am to get new tires switched over on my car. I showed up at 9: The woman behind the counter, Kelly I think, said she was going to make sure we had all four tires here. They should, I had an appointment made last week for today to have these specific tires switched over, but okay.

She said she would be back in just "two seconds" while she checked. And then 20 minutes. I said I think so, at this rate I think she forgot about me. He said he would go see what's going on. Another 10 minutes pass and Kelly the original person helping me comes back and says they can only find 3 tires, and her manager is looking for the fourth. What do you mean?

My dad comes in at this point because he thought I was lost or something because I had been here for almost an hour now when my check in shouldn't haven't been more than a couple minutes. My dad asked another gentleman for his help because we were frustrated. So the new guy gets our phone number, says he'll be right back heard that before. He comes back, to our surprise, less than a minute later and says "Yeah, I have your tires they are right here. It has taken two other people 45 minutes past my appointment time to find these tires and it took this guy less than a minute. I told him that I have work in a couple hours and this change over was supposed to start 45 minutes ago.

I work 40 minutes away from home so there was a reason I had this appointment booked for this time specifically. Luckily I gave myself extra time or I would have not even been able to have this appointment because of this. I'm a pretty tolerant and patient person but standing at that counter from 9: If it wasn't already so hArd to arrange this appointment around my work schedule I would have walked out and rescheduled to another date.

I was beyond frustrated and confused. I understand thing like this happen sometimes and that's okay, but to be left hanging at that counter for Half an hour before anyone came up to me and updated me as to why the woman never came back, or what was happening was what really ticked me off.

I had other things I needed to do today before work but I no longer had the time because of this. Luckily I'm a patient person and it wasn't some crazy, rude, impatient client this happened to. I felt incredibly inconvenienced. I'm not sure why it took two people 45 minutes to find these tires when it took the one guy less than a minute, but I really feel you need to work on having everyone on same page as to where people with appointments have their tires held aside so I don't have to stand for an hour waiting when I should have been in and out in a couple minutes and my appointment won't be delayed by 45 minutes.

Willing to look up products at other nearby stores and provide directions. Christophe was super understanding with my super last minute booking. He greeted us at his home, and greeted us when we left. It is a basement suite that you enter through the main home. There is a code in the door to enter when you need to. The suite was a lot bigger than what I had thought and if you cooked there it seems to have all the needed essentials. There is a washer and dryer on site if you need. The beds are comfortable and not too soft.

The television has Netflix and a Roku if you want to watch television. The unit is clean and we were happy with our stay. Fantastic spot just 20min outside of Bathurst. Great space in the basement, a perfect apartment, tons of room, clean and modern, hosts were fantastic. Great communication and welcome into their home. Thank you again for the hospitality. This is a very private, comfortable and clean place to stay. We were in the area for a hiking trip and really appreciated the warm greating we received upon our arrival, as well as the size and cleanliness of the space.

It was cozy and inviting and included everything we needed from amenities to towels and two separate bedrooms.

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Serge is great to converse with and quick to respond! A very well appointed, cosy, clean, and comfortable apartment nicely situated in a quiet country setting, but the beds leave a little to be desired. Although very clean, they are hard, uncomfortable and noisy. Serge has a lovely apartment lots of light and a deck outside the door.

Very clean and comfortable with all the amenities we needed. Would definitely recommend and use again if in the area. The place is simple, rustic, and tastefully arranged with excellent amenities. The hosts are truly wonderful. Just a great place for a holiday!!! Christine's place is a lovely gem. The apartment itself was perfect and we didn't find ourselves lacking anything.

Both Christine and Kevin were super friendly and hospitable. I definitely recommend this place! Pierre and Francia were great hosts. We had such a lovely time in Acadia. Pierre suggested many local spots to us and was very welcoming. Our dog was able to run around the backyard with Pierre's kids! Also, I use a walker and really valued that this space was accessible and comfortable.

Bel endroitJe le recommande. The apartment is large and functionally furnished. Coupons & Promo Codes

The kitchen contains the most necessary things to prepare simple meals for example breakfast. Shopping facilities are within walking distance. It is a basement apartment. The landlords live above and the apartment is therefore quite noisy footsteps. Super stylish and close to everything! Great care has gone into making sure you're stay is as comfortable as possible. Brittany was super easy to communicate with and made sure I was well looked after. Would recommend without reservation: Great location, fully loaded, very easy to get to and access.

They know what they are doing and are very professional nicer than some 5 star hotels I've stayed at. Very clean and fast response when you have a question. Went above and beyond to accommodate us! This is a great little spot right on the main drag in Caraquet. The apartment is a perfect size for people, though you could fit more with the murphy bed. Very clean and well equipped. The hosts were very easy to deal with. Great place very clean. We only stayed a night but everything was perfect so far. Easy to park and to find. This was a great place to stay Centrally located in this charming town Clean, quiet and comfortable.

Everything you could ask for and moreThe hosts were awesome Thanks for having us. It was very bright with all the windows. We really enjoyed our stay for our 1st Airbnb. Lisa was a really great host and her place is awesome and very well located. The place was simply perfect for our needs: Lisa's place is amazing! A two minute walk can take you to the ocean, the best coffee shop, a liquor store, a grocery and Le Kabernet, the best restaurant around! Lisa was very quick to answer my messages! Would stay again for sure!

Lisa's apartment is very nicely furnished and decorated. A large supermarket, the post office, a high quality restaurant, and a superb cafe are a minutes away by foot. The location of the village is almost at the tip of the Acadian peninsula's islands, but has all the basic services. It is quiet and has the vibe of a working coastal community fishing boats are seen in front yards as well as in the water close to beach and sand.

The nearby "capital" of Acadia, Caraquet, is the local hotspot for small town amenities and the best restaurants. You feel less like a tourist and more like a welcome guest in Acadia. The people are that friendly and ready to engage in a little conversation. And the seafood is great. Perfect for our family of 4! Very quick to respond. Lisa's place was very clean and located in a great place. The sofa bed is not very comfortable for two adults, but still worked for us.

Everything else was great. Localisation parfaite, a pieds du centre ville, des restaurants et bars. Good location, clean and spacious. This is a basement suit but windows are above grade and natural light is good. This a a very new and nicely appointed basement apartment. And the hosts are extremely nice people! This is a great apartment for a single traveler up to a family of four. Fantastic value and top notch in every respect. Charles' place is really stylish, clean and have all the amenities one needs. We've spent two nights there, it is close to the sea with a beautiful view of Riviere-au-Renard.

The nearby harbour can deal with delicious and neat seafood, and delivers an unfalsified attraction to you searching for something native. This is one of the hidden secrets! Nestled in the hills, it's a beautiful property with fabulous views of the windmills! Absolutely stunning, especially at sunset. The host is an extremely warm person who will ensure that you have the apartment in a clean condition - which has been adequately furnished.

It has two double beds, washing machine, kitchen, dining table and sofas. The pricing is also absolutely inviting. Can't praise this place enough! Jacques's place is good to rest for a night or more. The space is big and everything necessary is there. Wonderful place and great host! We had a perfect moment at Murdochville! Thanks Jacques for everything! Jacques is a lovely and considerate host, and his units represent great value for money.

This is a fully self-contained unit, fully furnished and all the basics and then some in the kitchen. Also in-suite laundry and Jacques even brought detergent! Je recommande cet endroit! Jasmine's home is so cozy. I enjoyed my time there immensely. The view of sunrise over the bay is incredible.

You would not believe how spacious the trailer is and in such a great location It was beautifully quiet with the sound of the waves settling us to sleep. Fannie was a great host The camper trailer is in excellent condition and very clean. The kitchen is fully equipped. The fireplace right next to the sea is outstanding.

We could get firewood from the grocery store next door. The accommodation was clean amd everything was there, what we needed. This was an amazing spot and a very comfortable trailer to stay in. Fannie was quick to respond and gave us a great place to spend the night on our road trip, we would definitely stay again!

Never get tired of the amazing view! On our second stay, we got to stay in Lot 1, which was a great as Lot 2: You can see the gorgeous view of the Gulf from the bed! Thank you again for having us and looking forward to ournext trip. We were amazed by the view and comfort that the place offers. The spot is just beautiful! Once we arrived, everything was ready for us to unpack quickly and then enjoy a fire on the seaside with the amazing view. The place is fully equipped to accomodate the guests and very comfortable.

Fannie was only a message away and replied quickly to any questions. Really looking forward to coming back! Nice place and excellent value for money! Jacques was a great host, helpful and super friendly. Jacques above and beyond went out of his way to make sure you were at home in this spacious apartment! He made sure everything was ok, working, on hand, stocked and above all that it was comfortable and you in the space! He had many breakfast items in the fridge for arrival and fresh fruits! Everything worked great and the living room was relaxing.

Convenient for snow sports in the ChicChocs!! Close to the Gaspesie coast for day trips also!

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It's a very comfortable and nice place to stay in. We had an amazing time with our family and had all the equipments we needed to have barbecue and to do our laundry etc. The local people of this area are so great. This place was worth 11 hours of driving from montreal. Great place to stay with everything we needed. The host was super!!! He waited for us and had breakfast in the fridge. I recomend this place. This cottage is in a great central location , close to all Website hidden by Airbnb is well equipment , private and spotless. Je recommande cet endroit. The place is very accessible, still being renovated.

Good value for the money. Off to a bad start with an inaccurate address and communication difficulties. However, the accommodations are comfortable and clean. I highly recommend this host. This place is really cute, the town is small and you can walk all over. The place has everything and is bigger than I thought. Jacques even provided some food which was super thoughtful. The place was clean and the bed was very comfy. I would definitely stay again. Jacque is a great host and understands the needs of travelers. He kept me informed regarding local hotels, grocery stores, and their closing times, which was very helpful to plan my trip.

I arrived later than expected but check in process was very smooth and he had kept everything ready. After I arrived he personally came to visit and gave me fresh fruits and bread for breakfast. He gave nice suggestions about different routes and local attractions. If you are traveling to Murdochville I highly recommend Jacques place.

Cetait comme nous sommes chez nous tout relaxe, pas de stresser et profiter notre voyage en Gaspesie.