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I want to come again this year, for sure. If I apply for my AMA membership today, should I have something back in time to be able to fly at the fly-in? Like a temporary card I can have emailed? And as an aside, if I actually get my AMA and my butt in gear, I have a decent number of planes I could actually fly this year - now if only I had a good way to get them there or was brave enough to fly them in front of people. D After I registered and paid for my membership, it sent me to a page that it told me to print out and use as my temporary AMA card.

So I have that printed out and ready to go; hopefully, that will be enough to get to fly at the event. Oh, and on another positive note, I finished the LED mod on my Yellow Slow Stick yesterday and tried it out last night, and it worked great. Doesn't look so hot had to use 24 gauge stereo wire, since that was the thinnest I had on hand; need to pick up some 30 gauge and redo it , but I was able to fly it up a couple hundred feet last night around The only problem I ran into was the green LEDs I wired would go way dim when I had the throttle enabled, and even without throttle, they weren't nearly as bright as the blue and red ones.

I might just see if I can't wire in a separate battery pack for the lights to keep them at a stable lumens level. Now if only my wife will let me stay out that late to get to fly it while I'm there. Oh, and Dave--I meant to mention. So you're actually paying a 12 month membership fee for 15 months of membership if you renew right now. This IS a santioned event and if you are flying under AMA blessing and guidelines, we are all about having fun with a capitol "F".

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I'm still waiting on my AMA card to come in the mail, but I have my temporary proof of membership page printed out, so hopefully I'll be good to go. Griz, That will work for us us! We just have to keep an eye on things because of liability issues. AMA membership means that insurance will cover any injury problems this weekend. Also, we got the shirts taken care of today! I made sure we will have some of the larger sizes for those of us including me with a high "bubba factor".

I'm gonna start using that. Can't wait for this weekend! I'm having to back out in going to this one which I hate.

Gotta head up north and check on my dad who just had hip replacement and brother in law who fell off some scaffolding. Someone please take and post a ton of photos for me!!!

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It's a fun, relaxed, event with a great bunch of people running it. Sorry to hear the bad news Don.: That's a "can do" on the photos. I'll make sure some good ones from our club photographer get posted. Hey guys, Weather is beautiful here today, light winds out of the south and mids for temperature all weekend. One more day--can't wait. I plan on bringing the following birds: IF my wife let's me stay out that late. I just finished a rebuild on the motor and haven't had a chance to try it out with an actual flight yet.

Since I'm going to be making the trip out to Coffee County with the wife and daughter along dropping them off at the in-laws in Manchester for a Halloween party they're hosting that evening , I probably won't make it out there until around lunch or maybe slightly after. Still, should be plenty of time to fly through five or six LiPo packs and enjoy watching some of the local pros do their thing. One question, though--how is frequency control going to be handled? All the planes I'm flying will be on 72mhz all my planes are on channels 21, 36, or I have a Dx6i, but haven't converted but one of my planes over to it yet.

Will there be a frequency board to hang our AMA cards or printout, in my case? Sorry if that's a dumb question, but I've never been to an open-invite flight event before. Thanks again for all the work you guys have done in setting this up, PW! Sorry for the late reply Griz. Just got home from the field.

We are using our regular frequency board with a pin system you don't fly or turn on your radio without the numbered pin.

Welcome to Reddit,

This system has worked well for the last two year's club events. Please don't forget some pictures! I'm bringing the laptop with us on the way up North. Okay, where are you Wattheads at?

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I've been here since about 1: If you see this while you're at the field today, I'm sitting behind the left end of the runway fence, with a Spitfire, P, and F in front of us. We're sitting with me and my wife Sam on a blanket, and Dad sitting in a chair. And probably the only guy sitting on the ground typing away on his laptop looking for you guys. Great show today, had lots of fun. Really freaks me out sometimes. I'll have some boxes of planes in front of me to sell and a Hyperion PD "Suzy" with me if you want to come find me.

Hey Dave, get some photos of the event. I'm up at my folks house plumbing this afternoon-evening. D I was there! I got there around 2: And I think I remember seeing you flying that FI remember thinking that it looked like someone had forgotten to apply their decals. But anyway, yeah, I had a great time--got to fly 5 of my planes, in this order: Screamin' Delta Demon finally found out today that model is called an "Aggressor http: So no night flying at TEFF for me, although I did break it out back at the in-laws to get some "oohs" and "ahhs" out of the kids who were there for a Halloween party.

The Rambler, being my biggest, was the only one I actually taxi'd out onto the runway for takeoff, and MAN was I nervous. It was pretty busy 5 planes in the air, mine was to be the sixth , and there was some guy hogging the runway airspace with a large 3D plane that was really distracting. But I managed to get her up and had some really good flights with her, even though she went nose-up in the grass at the end of the landing need to move that front landing gear a bit more forward.

I also kind of took pride in the fact that the Rambler appeared to be the fastest non-EDF "scale" plane that was flying. I probably had the most fun flying the Pink Fury combat foamie, though. I tied on a streamer and tried to goad some guys to come out and try to shoot me down. A couple of them started to but ran into technical difficulties getting their planes in the air.

So I just had some fun yoinking around and seeing how tight of a spiral I could wind with the streamer and how close I could fly to the runway without dinking the prop on the pavement. Sorry I missed you today, Dave! And it looks like I probably won't get to head out tomorrow for the second day got family stuff to go to. So we'll just have to set up another day to meet up here in the Boro and get in some shared flight time then. Oh, and attached below are some pictures I took today, including some decent AP shots I got of the event.

I also took a picture showing what the event T-shirt design looked like, in case anybody was wondering.

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  6. Griz, Great pictures! I'm glad you came by to introduce yourself and we are looking forward to having you out again for TEFF or anytime you just want to come by and fly with us. Good Morning everybody. I hope you all have had a good time this year so far at TEFF If there is anyone of you that didn't have fun, we will strongly consider your suggestions and comments before next year's event.

    The weather of day two of TEFF is looking good so far! Let's have some more fun! Have a good time, you lucky 2nd-dayers! One question for you though, PW: Do you know what that glider model was that would get up to around feet high and then come screaming down that runway at what looked like close to mph? It was unbelievable how fast that thing was moving, and I LOVED the wind-whistling sound it made when it would zoom by.

    The big one or the tiny one? I don't know the names of either; just curious which one you're asking about. That little one looked a lot like the Voodoo's I saw at SEFF, but they're so small and move so fast that even if I did know much about different brands, I probably still couldn't have figured out what it was. D I headed out today after The winds were pretty strong - strongest I've ever flown in, actually.

    Flew great, actually. Really helped my confidence in flying with wind. And that jet has no decals because a the Phase3 decals look silly in my opinion, and b I don't like to paint before a maiden, and when I finally maidened it last week, I had the elevator channel reversed and it promptly nosed in on hand launch. I glued it back together and ordered a fiberglass nosecone for it, but I decided to bring it anyway before the spackle and paint job because it just flies so nicely.

    You can't tell it's all glued back together from 10 feet away anyway. Flew my Hyperion PD today. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I thought it was one of the best looking and best sounding planes of the weekend. It was only its third flight, but it handles like a dream, and MAN does it look good. Images View all Images in thread. Last edited by SleepyC; at You can read all you want, but seeing the contents is how you really get the sense of what this set includes!

    So check it out! I buy a lot of hardware from RTL. They are great. Once you buy something they are good about giving coupons for future purchases. The ARF world needs this, only metric. Originally Posted by Kitman. Joined Sep Great deal- really. I always use RTL. Never a problem and I have refered them several times.

    Have used their stuff for years. United States, NC, Raleigh. Guys, This a great deal on all this. I have bought 2 master assortments, one for the shop and one for the trailer. There is nothing worse than not being able to fly for the day because of one lousy bolt or nut! It is well worth it as noted.

    Joined Jul Originally Posted by robbinsp. I have all the same stuff and then some. Mcmaster sells in bulk, fastenal doesn't but theres some that I couldn't find. Bolt depot had a good amount off that list. Here's what I couldnt find with bolt depot Then again that's without the cases AND the missing ones I couldn't find on bolt depots.

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    So even if I were to get the missing ones elsewhere be it online or in the store I would imagine it would still be under what RTL wants but to me the RTL master assortment is still the winner. It has it all and I wouldnt have to buy cases. Return to General Discussion. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. All rights reserved.

    [Flying Pilgrims] Great offer from RTL Fasteners

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