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The company is one of the Russian largest stevedore holding companies that incorporates assets of Delo Group in the grain and container segments. The company announced the issuance of bonds of P series for 3.

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There is no offer on the bonds. The coupon interest rate at the close of the entry book is set at 9. The total demand for the 9. The bonds have been issued under the programme for exchange bonds of DeloPorts registered in August The amount of the programme is 50 billion roubles or an equivalent to this amount in foreign currency. The maturity of the bond issue under the programme is up to 10 years. At the same time, the company offered to take the bonds of the first series out which it issued in November for the amount of 3 billion roubles with the The specificity of the deal is that the profitability for the redemption of the old stock is based on the profitability for the new issuance with a small premium.

As a result, investors used the offer for the total amount of 2. DeloPorts is a holding company, which owns stevedore assets of Delo Group. The both terminals are located in Novorossiysk. The lower rating is caused by the parent company Service Company Delo Ltd. Global Ports is the largest operator of container terminals. There are five such terminals in Russia and two in Finland under its management. For comparison: The proceeds of DeloPorts corporate affiliate of Delo Group in amounted to 8.

The company is one of the Russian largest stevedore holding companies that incorporates assets of Delo Group under control of businessman Sergey Shishkarev in the grain and container segments. Delo Group has sealed the deal to acquire The deal terms read that Global Ports and DeloPorts, stevedore asset of Delo, will be managed separately and keep the competition in the market.

To do this, the assets had to be isolated one from the other at the Board of Directors level. The sellers will spend the proceeds on their own projects. The financing was provided from the own funds of Delo, an issue of exchange bonds by DeloPorts stevedore asset of the group and a credit line from Sovcombank. There are five container terminals under the Global Ports management in the Russian Federation and two in Finland.

Dutch A. The consolidated earnings of DeloPorts for are 7. Also, Delo owns ship repairing, railroad and grain assets. The terms of the transaction have no provision about making an offer to other shareholders. The relationships with strategic partners of Global Ports are not to be changed: As Delo Group explained, the first steps towards this end are expected to be made by the end of May. This explains the reshuffles among the management positions: But the agreement provides for Sergey Shishkarev to be on the both boards and participate in management of the companies.

Nikita Mishin will continue supporting Russian education under Dar fund, as the company stated. The FAS approved the acquisition under a number of conditions, particularly requiring Global Ports to set within 30 days after the deal is closed rouble tariffs at an economically justified level or lower. As Michael Burmistrov, head of Infoline-Analitiki, comments, under the market volatility induced by the sanctions, a deal without a discount for foreign currency risks is more beneficial for the seller than in December.

He explains that appearingly the period for rouble stability has ended and the FAS, while insisting on changing the port tariffs to roubles, this way will decrees the marginality of the stevedore companies and their steadiness against foreign currency risks when servicing the debt. The company also states that the coupon for 14 coupon periods from April 10, till April 1, will be 6. DeloPort Ltd. The consolidated proceeds of DeloPorts Ltd. The group also owns ship repairing, railroad and grain assets. As per timeline given in the report, the deal was to be closed in April.

There are five container terminals in the north-west and the Far East of the Russian Federation under the management of Global Ports with thousand TEU containers put through in the first half-year and two in Finland. DeloPorts is a holding company owning stevedore assets in the south-eastern district of the sea port of Novorossiysk. The company is one of the Russian largest sea stevedores in the south, holding leading positions in the amount of grain and containers handled in the region.

The key assets of DeloPorts: The Russian port industry, unlike the tendencies in the economy, keeps on building up cargo handling capabilities. In , the amount of cargo handled in the Russian ports grew by 8. Average growth for the last 15 years was 9. The least growth in the amount of cargo handled was in the year of crisis by 0. Currently, there are 67 sea ports with port complexes in the Russian Federation. Three quarters of the amount of the Russian export cargo are transported to the ports via railroad.

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The capability of the port infrastructure is constantly growing. In , the large basins such as Azov-Black Sea, Baltic and Far East demonstrated the highest growth both in percentage and real numbers. The Azov-Black Sea basin became the absolute leader in the growth in the amount of cargo handled, which went up by And for the first time, it has become the leader in the amount of cargo handed, taking over the Baltic basin in aggregate tonnage The first quarter demonstrates different dynamics.

While the common growth in cargo handling throughout Russia is 4. Crude oil accounts for the noticeable growth in the quantities in the Arctic basin Among all the ports of the Far East, only the Port of Prigorodnoye demonstrated an insignificant negative dynamics. However, the analysis of the market situation and the tendencies in the export-oriented Russian industries indicate that in the mid-term run the handling of bulk cargo, grain and general cargo will grow.

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The grain export is a significant impetus for developing the regional port capabilities. Thus, in the four months NCSP shipped 2. The forecast of the grain industry indicates that by the end of the agricultural year of Russia will reach the number of Despite the fact that among the Black Sea ports the Crimean ports have become available, the government deems the latter of little significant use. Nevertheless, the Crimea contributed significantly to the growth in the amount of cargo being handled in the basin: And it is within the scope of the updated sea port development programme to create in the region by a dry cargo zone at the Port of Taman with capabilities during the first stage of operation of At the end of this and the beginning of the next year, OTEKO Group will commence construction of a grain terminal for Also, part of the NCSP terminals will be redesigned to boost their capabilities to There is a plan to build in Taman a 5 mln tonne capacity ammonium terminal for Togliattiazot.

The Far East constantly strengthens its positions in the Russian port industry. At the same time, the port industry development strategy of the Far East is dependent on coal export expansion.

In the Far East basin in the Port of Vanino, the projects to develop the coal terminal Daltransugl to build up the capacity to 24 mln tonnes a year, which will require reconstructing the railroad, and construction of Sahatrans coal terminal 24 mln tonnes will be a priority, Andrei Lavrishev, head of Rosmorport said. Also, there are plans to build both the third stage of the coal terminal to increase the capacity from 22 mln to 39 mln tonnes and Sever coal terminal of UPTC Universal Production Transshipment Complex 20 mln tonnes in the Port of Vostochny.

The capacities of the Port of Sakhalin will be increased, particularly the coal terminal in the Port of Shakhtersk coupled with the development of Solntzevskoye deposit will be reconstructed. Its capacity will be increased from 3.

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Reconstruction of the ferry crossing Vanino-Kholmsk along with construction of a passenger terminal in Korsakov is planned. A terminal to receive cruise liners and handle containers thousand tonnes TEU will be built on the cape of Signalny in the Port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Ministry of Russia for the Development of the Far East actively promotes the idea for the Far East to be a transitter, focussing on increasing the amount of cargo put through the Russian ports by intercepting part of the cargo traffic between north-east of China and its southern and central parts as well as between other countries.

However, the relative attractiveness of the Chinese tariff conditions and the underdevelopment of ITC infrastructure are the stumbling blocks for the successful project implementation. In particular, Leonid Bershansky, head of Rosgranstroy Federal Government Institution Rosgranstroy FGI accentuated the necessity for building and reconstructing the railroad border crossings under concessional conditions citing Makhalino border crossing, which had no modern infrastructure to handle cargo traffic, as an example.

Railroads and automobile access roads to the ports are underdeveloped. It plans to build a terminal complex in Zarubino. The first stage of which, when completed, will allow to handle 10 mln tonnes of grain and thousands TEU of containers, the second stage - 23 mln tonnes and 1. Part of the government investment can be shared among potential Chinese concessioners. Summa has already signed with the Chinese railroads a Letter of Intent to build access railroads to the Port of Zarubino.

The Baltic basin is the pillar for the Russian export of crude oil and petroleum products. The proportion of crude oil here is the highest in the total amount of shipments: Such proportion is stipulated by the necessity to replace the ports of the adjoining Baltic republics, which during the Soviet times took the lead over the ports of the Russian republic as they were newer and with better infrastructure quality. As the first stage of BPS -1 Baltic Piping System with its terminal at the Port of Primorsk was commissioned in , Russia gradually started to redirect the bulk fluid cargos from the ports of foreign Baltic countries to its own.

BPS — 2 with its terminal at Ust-Luga in clinched the deal. The crisis in the container industry and lower volumes of ro-ro cargos accounted for the decreased growth rates. In the first quarter the Russian Baltic ports put through 0. Thus, despite the drop in the crude oil price, the oil ports demonstrated the most positive dynamics, indicating there was a growth in demand. The neighbours are not doing so great either: While in the amount of cargo put through the Port of Riga grew by In , crude oil shipments were higher 3. The amount of cargo handled in the Port of Ventspils since drops: And the Port of Tallinn in showed a significant sag in the amount of bulk fluid cargos handled However, there are Baltic ports which are doing not bad.

For instance, the amounts of cargo put through the Port of Klaipeda are growing. In percentage, in the first quarter, the growth was higher than all the ports of the eastern Baltic coast, exceeding the results of the last year by 9. Russia continues intercepting the cargo traffic from the neighbours. Yet in , Sergei Ivanov, Vice-Premier, stated that by Russia would completely stop exporting not only petroleum products but coal via the ports of the Baltics and promised to have created sufficient amount of own throughput capabilities.

The updated sea port development strategy for the period of up to provides for the completion of construction of Bronka Maritime Transshipment Complex MTC of 1. News Corporate social responsibility Photo gallery Publications. Publications As per Igor Yakovenko, General Director of the company, this has allowed drastically to speed up the ship servicing at the terminals.